Kampfakta Juventus – Inter 18. april 09

  • Italy Serie A
  • 18th Apr 2009
  • KO 19:30
  • Ground: Stadio Olimpico
  • Att: 24,790


  • Grygera 90 Tiago s/o 75
1 – 1

Inter Milan

  • Balotelli 64

Juve and Inter share the spoils

The most awaited match of the year ended in a 1-1 draw with the two teams sharing the spoils. The margin therefore remains unchanged.

The match starts off with Juventus on fire in the person of Pavel Nedved who merely seconds from the initial whistle with a shot from outside the area sees the ball go wide. One minute later Inter try to attack on the flank with Balotelli but the Juve defence clears. On the 3rd minute there was a free-kick for Juve after a foul on the right wing and one minute later a good try by Marchionni from outside the area sees the ball go wide.

On the 5th minute  a good run by Nedved on the left sees the ball cross the touchline. The 7th minute sees a ball into the Inter area by Grygera with the defence clearing and Nedved on the re-bound failing to strike well.

The 10th minute sees the stadium stand still for a few seconds as Balotelli enters the area and shoots, the ball is rolling in with Buffon beaten but Tiago manages to clear it before it crosses the line. One minute later, a good ball won by Molinaro in the midfield launches Iaquinta but the striker does not control well.

On the 13th minute there is a foul on Tiago just above the midfield circle and free-kick for Juve. The ball finally gets to Poulsen who puts into the area and a deviation for a corner. The ball enters the area and the Inter defenders are forced to clear with difficulty. Two minutes later Grygera crosses into the area but Cesar manages to grab hold. The 21st minute sees beautiful footwork by Del Piero who enters the area and shoots at goal but Cesar manages to save. Two minutes later there is a good long ball for Iaquinta who heads to goal but Cesar saves.

The 24th minute sees Molinaro  who enters the area after dribbling past a player but he is finally stopped. Three minutes later there is a great through ball into the area by Nedved with the ball deviated into corner. The 29th minute sees a bad foul from behind on Marchionni who was just about to enter the area. Free-kick for Juve from the right: ball into the area but Grygera shoots high. Two minutes later there is a great Juventus initiative with Marchionni who enters the area but shoots wide from an inviting position.

On the 33rd minute Inter try to attack a first time with the ball being cleared with some difficulty towards Balotelli, Stankovic shoots high. Three minutes later there is a great save by Buffon on a really dangerous Inter attack and the ball is finally cleared by the defence. On the 39th minute Del Piero shoots from outside the area but the ball is deviated into corner. From the flag the ball reached the area with the Inter defence clearing with difficulty.

The 40th minute sees  a corner for Inter after a good Buffon save and a deviation by a Juve defender. From the corner the ball is put into the area but the ddfence manages to clear. Finally an Inter shot goes very wide. Two minutes later there is a free-kick for Juve from just poutside the area on the left: Del Piero aims directly at goal with Cesar forced to punch away.

On the 44th minute a beautiful exchange of the sphere between Del  Piero and Nedved with Czech player entering the area but colliding with a defender. The last minute of the first half sees a ball dangerously into the Inter area is headed twice with a final difficult clearance by the defence.

The second half starts off with a good Juve initiative with the ball being cleared with some difficulty. On the second minute Nedved shoots from outside the area but the ball does not go through. The 3rd minute a great move by Legrottaglie sits Balotelli down. One minute later Buffon in a good save following a powerful Stankovic shot from outside the area.

On the 6th minute Zanetti in a run is not stopped before his shot turns out to be too weak and easy for Buffon to gather. Five minutes later there is a good save by Buffon following a dangerous Inter initiative. On the 12th minute there is a free kiick for Juve after foul on Iaquinta: Del Piero takes it but the ball is saved by Cesar.

The 17th minute sees free-kick for Juve just short of the corner flag. Ball finally enters the area and is cleared into corner. The action which follows leads to the Inter goal: Inter score on the counter-attack thanks to Balotelli who enters the area with the defence caught behind.

Juve react with an attack on the 21st minute with Del  Piero sees Cesar clearing into corner. On the 26th minute Nedved saves the day on an Inter counterattack as he wins time for the defenders to come back in place. Two minutes later there are two good chances for JUve in oine action. Tiago at the end sees his shot blocked by a defender.

A provocative Balotelli sees Tiago being sent-off on the 31st minute after committing a foul on him. With Giovinco on for Del Piero and Trezeguet for Marchionni Juventus stepped hard on the accelerator and on the 39th minute a good Giovinco run lands Juve a corner but the ball from the flag goes directly into the hands of the keeper. Four minutes

The last few minutes see Grygera as protagonist: first on the 43rd minute he is seen in a decisive tackle helping Buffon to save a dangerous ball and 3 minutes later in the 1st minute of five allotted as stoppage time from a corner for Juve with the ball into the area he heads home for the equalizer making the score 1-1.

Serie A 2008/09  – 32nd  match day
Turin, Olympic Stadium
Saturday 18th April, 2009


Scorers : Balotelli (64th), Grygera (91st),

JUVENTUS: Buffon; Grygera, Legrottaglie, Chiellini, Molinaro (De Ceglie 62nd); Marchionni (Trezeguet 74th), Poulsen, Tiago, Nedved; Del Piero (Giovinco 80th), Iaquinta. Reserves: Chimenti, De Ceglie, Zebina, Knezevic, Mellberg, Giovinco; Trezeguet; Coach : Ranieri.

INTER: Cesar, Zanetti, Samwel, Cordoba, Chivu, Figo (Cruz 86th), Cambiasso, Stankovic, Muntari (Burdisso 78th), Balotelli (Vieira 76th), Ibrahimovic. Reserves: Toldo, Maxwell, Santon, Materazzi, Burdisso, Vieira, Cruz; Coach: Mourinho

REFEREE : Farina

Yellow cards: Figo (4th), Legrottaglie (36th), Poulsen (53rd), Balotelli (67th)

Red card: Tiago (76th)

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