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Serie A: Milan vs Inter 2-3 FT, as the nerazzurri jump back into third place

Sunday, March 17th, 2019


– This will be the 170th Milan derby in Serie A; the Nerazzurri have won twice and drawn three of the meetings since the Rossoneri last won, back in January 2016 (3-0).
– AC Milan have failed to score in their last two Milan derbies in Serie A: only twice in the history of the competition have the Rossoneri failed to find the net in three consecutive games against Inter (the last time was between 1979 and 1981).
– In all competitions, AC Milan are unbeaten in their last six Milan derbies as host team (W3, D3); the last time they lost was back in October 2012 (0-1).


Sassuolo 3 – 5 Sampdoria

Saturday, March 16th, 2019
Sassuolo 3 – 5 Sampdoria
Defrel 15 (Sam), Quagliarella 36 (Sam), Boga 38 (Sas), Linetty 39 (Sam), Praet 46 (Sam), Duncan 63 (Sas), Gabbiadini 72 (Sam), Babacar 92 (Sas)
Mapei Stadium

Sampdoria dominated Sassuolo with a crushing 5-3 away victory, providing quality as well as quantity, including Fabio Quagliarella’s 21st goal of the season.




VM Brasil 2014 del 3

Saturday, August 23rd, 2014

Bet and forsvinn!

Thursday, December 1st, 2011
asse Trond Egil Fra E.K. Jr. Thorbjørn Jørn H. Grete
Rosenborg Viking Rbk 1. Vålerenga 1. Rosenborg 1. RBK
Viking Brann Viking 2. LSK 2. Brann 2. VIKING
Brann Rbk Lillestrøm 3. RBK 3.Lillestrøm 3. BRANN
Lillestrøm Stabæk Til 4. Viking 4.Viking 4. STABEK
Vålerenga Til Stabæk 5. Brann 5. Vålerenga 5. VÅLERENGA
Stabæk Lsk Vif 6. Stabæk 6.Stabæk 6. TROMSØ
Tromsø Vif Brann 7. Molde 7.Tromsø 7. LILLESTRØM
Fredrikstad Ffk Lyn 8. Strømsgodset 8.Fredrikstad 8. LYN
Strømsgodset Lyn FFK 9. TIL 9.Lyn 9. MOLDE
Lyn Aafk Sif 10. HamKam 10.Godset 10. STRØMSGODSET
Ham Kam Molde Glimt 11. Glimt 11.Hamkam 11. HAM-KAM
Bodø Glimt Glimt Molde 12. Lyn 12.Molde 12. FREDRIKSTAD
Molde Hamkam Aafk 13. Fredrikstad 13.Glimt 13. BODØ-GLIMT
Ålesund Sif Hamkam 14. Aalesund 14.Aalesund 14. AALESUND
Olve Arne Kjell-Hugo Sigmund: BRAUTE EIVIK HAMMER: VG Rune
1. Brann RBK Lillestrøm RBK LSK Viking 1. Brann
2. Viking Lillestrøm Brann Brann RBK RBK 2. Rosenborg
3. Rosenborg Vålerenga RBK Lsk Brann Brann 3. Lillestrøm
4. Stabæk Brann Viking Viking Viking VIF 4. Tromsø
5. Lillestrøm Viking Vålerenga TIL Vif Stabæk 5. Stabæk
6. Vålerenga Stabæk Stabæk VIF Stabæk LSK 6. Viking
7. Tromsø Tromsø Tromsø Stabæk TIL TIL 7. Vålerenga
8. Lyn FFK FFK FFK FFK FFK 8. Fredrikstad
9. Fredrikstad Lyn SIF Lyn SIF Lyn 9. Lyn
10.Bodø/Glimt Molde Molde AAFK Lyn Strømsgodset 10. Molde
11.Strømsgodset AaFK AaFK SIF Molde Ham-kam 11. Bodø/Glimt
12.Molde Bodø-Glimt Hamkam Glimt Glimt Molde 12. Aalesund
13.Aalesund SIF Lyn Hamkam Hamkam Aafk 13. Ham-Kam
14.HamKam Hamkam Bodø-Glimt Molde Aalesund Bodø/Glimt 14. Strømsgodset